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Special Feature : Locally grown Texas Longhorn beef

What is Texas Longhorn beef?
The Texas longhorn is a beef animal and is known for its lean meat, which is lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than most beef. Since it grows slower than the Angus for example, it has more time to develop into full flavored meat.
Raised and processed by Gwinner's Country Butcher in Kimberley, the animals enjoyed their entire life on the pasture, without hormones, steroids and such, and without grueling transports to the slaughterhouse. This in turn also reduces the carbon footprint. Enjoy!


Meatballs with roasted squash                                              $ 14.00
On a parsnip and white chocolate puree and balsamic glaze


Main Course:

Osso Bucco with juniper and thyme                                      $ 29.50
Classic Italian cut simmered in a juniper and lemon thyme sauce
Served with baby roast potatoes and vegetables


Tenderloin medallion "Còte du Rhone"                                   $ 34.50
Pecan, coffee & spice crusted on a red wine, coffee and brown sugar glaze
served with roasted baby potatoes and vegetables


Sirloin steak with wild mushrooms                                     $ 29.50
Topped with fresh chanterelle, pine & lobster mushrooms
In herb butter sauce,
Served with Dauphine potatoes and fresh vegetables


This special feature has ended.






We are featuring fresh morel mushrooms!




Cream of asparagus
with quick fried morel mushrooms
$ 7.00


Main course

Pan fried Coho salmon filet
on a morel mushroom and citrus cream sauce
served with rice and fresh vegetables
$ 26.50


Baked chicken breast
topped with morel mushroom cream sauce
Madras baby potatoes and fresh vegetables
$ 25.50


10 oz beef striploin steak on morel mushroom Brandy sauce
Dauphine potatoes and fresh vegetables
$ 33.00



This feature is ending on June 8, 2019!



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Allegra in the News


July 2019Allegra Restaurant has been shortlisted into the finals under the Restaurant of the Year category in the Kootenay region at The 1st Food Awards British Columbia 2019 – Congratulations!



July 2019 We’re happy to inform that Allegra has become the best place in Cranbrook according to visitors’ reviews on Restaurant Guru that are compiled from the biggest review sites! Please accept our sincere congratulations and a special award!
Sincerely, Vladislav. Restaurant Guru

Best restaurant Restaurant Guru 2019



May 2018 For the second time after 2013 the Allegra Restaurant has been awarded with the Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame from Tripadvisor. This is awarded to businesses that earned a Certificate of Excellence in each of the previous five years. This means we have been awarded such for the past 10 years straight! Thank you for your reviews!

September 2013 For the 2nd year in a row, we have been awarded with Platinum for Overall favourite restaurant in the East Kootenays by Kootenay Business magazine's reader. A big thank you to all our customers!


February 2013 we have been awarded with Platinum for Favourite Restaurant Website by the DigiTech Awards presented by Kootenay Business Magazine. A big thank you to all voters!

We have upgraded our website since to the current fully responsive edition. Do you like it? Make sure to vote for us again!


September 2012 we have been awarded with Platinum for Overall favourite restaurant as well as Gold for Catering in the East Kootenays by Kootenay Business magazine's reader. A big thank you to all our customers!


March 8, 2008 For the second year in a row the Allegra Restaurant received the Food & Beverage Industry Excellence Award at the annual Chamber of Commerce Dinner of Excellence.
A big thank you to our loyal customers for making this possible!